ImagineFor1Minute What does a better future look like?

This is a tiny film calling on all of us to imagine a better future and then talk about what that looks like. Inspired by the writing of #arundhatiroy and released on the 75th anniversary of the UN. @tommustill and I came up with the idea in lockdown and made it out of voice-notes sent to us from some of the most trusted people on the planet, along with photos sent in from every continent.

With a brilliant track by @maxcoopermax and incredible visuals from @kevinmcgloughlin_gram and @paraicmcgloughlin

This micro film will be given away in ten languages to anyone who can find it useful – really hope you like it.

GO TO: imaginefor1minute.com to find out more

A Gripping Films Production.

Directors: @tommustill and @alexkiehl
Producer: @evaniakeziaoofs
Directors of Animation & Visuals: @paraicmcgloughlin and @kevinmcgloughlin
Audio editors: @fergusdingle and @cocozinha
Music and Sound design: @maxcoopermax and @thewildseeds
Online: @bramonthego & Specialtreats productions.
Production assistant.: Louis.JW
IMPACT @projectimpactteam
Thanks so much to all our partners for making it happen @wwfuk @avaazorg @conservationorg @folucoalition @nature_org @globalcommonshq

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