★★★★    The Telegraph  

★★★★    The Times

 ‘One of those excellent documentaries that raised more questions than it provided answers.’
 The Times

 ‘What makes the film interesting is that not only does it spend time with the criminals, but also with the special police unit that targets them, so you’re seeing a problem from opposing perspectives.’
The Guardian

Serious repeat offending in the UK is at a record high. There are over 100,000 hardened criminals with more than 15 convictions to their name, and their numbers are constantly increasing.

Between them, these serial offenders are responsible for more than a third of all crime. With extraordinary access to some of the UK’s most prolific criminals, and also to the cops faced with the unenviable task of trying to get them to go straight, Career Criminals simultaneously explores life on both sides of the law.

Offenders and officers speak with honesty, humour and sometimes breathtaking frankness about crime, about justice, and about the reality of rehabilitation.

1 x 60 for Channel 4
Filmed & Directed - Alex Kiehl
Executive Producers - Dave Nath & David Hodgkinson
Blast! Films 2014